Facilities Management


The main functions of the Facilities Management Team and the key deliverables will be, amongst other things:

  • Be responsible for the day-to-day running of the building including but not limited to liaison with the OC
    Manager, tenants, owners, visitors and contractors.
  • Report on monthly basis (or for such periods as requested by the Developer, Owners Corporation) to the Owners Corporation on building operations.
  • Develop, provide and implement asset management strategies for the building.
  • Obtain quotes for annual budgets.
  • Obtain quotes, manage and coordinate repair, maintenance and service works and essential safety measures audits.
  • Daily inspections of the building.
  • Management and coordination of waste removal from the building.
  • Management and coordination of move ins to and move outs from the  building.
  • Review, monitor, fit out works to retail, office, apartment or recreation areas.